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The surfboards shown on this page are a few of the many surfboards that Charlie Bunger has collected over the years.  Images of the collection will be updated periodically.



Classic Surfboards Charlie Bunger with 60's Dewey Weber Longboard

Charlie Bunger with Original Dewey Weber

Collection of boards from the Museum

1940's Tom Blake Paddleboard
Charlie Bunger with early 40's Tom Blake Paddleboard

60's Greg Noll Miki Dora Da Cat Model Surfboard Surf Memorabilia
Charlie Bunger with Original 60's Greg Noll Da Cat

Midgett Farrelly Surfboards Charlie Bunger Collection
Midgett Farrelly
1960's Gordie Surfboard Longboards
Gordie Surfboards
Bunger Surfboards 1977 Classic Flame Single Fin
Original 1977 Bunger Single Fin

Greg Noll Surfboards from the LI Surfing Museum

Original 60's Greg Noll
Hansen Surfboards in the LI Surfing Museum

Hannon Surfboards The Brute Made on Long Island by John Hannon
Hannon Surfboards
"The Brute"

Harbour Surfboards in the LI Surfing Museum
Harbour Surfboards
1960's Hansen Surfboard with Dual Stringers Surf Memorabilia Surfing Museum
Hansen with Dual Stringer
Cambell Surfboards from the 1960's in the LI Surfing Museum
Campbell Surfboards

Wardy Surfboards in the LI Surfing Museum collection of Charlie Bunger
Collection of Wardy Surfboards

Carl Exstrom Surfboards Asymetrical Tail Classic Longboard Surfboards
Carl Exstrom Surfboards
Bunger 360 Noserider Model Surfboard at Surf Expo Orlando Florida
Bunger Surfboards
"360 Model"
On Display at East Coast Hall of Fame Booth. Surf Expo

Beautiful Batch of Con Surfboards from the 1960's all original condition
Collection of Con Surfboards

Bob Hawkins Hawk Surfboards Made on Long Island

Hawk Surfboards By. Bob Hawkings.  NY
Stewart Surfboards
Stewart Surboards

Weber Performers from the 60's with multi logo deck.  Classic Longboard Surfboards
Dewey Weber Surfboards
"Weber Performers"

Hobie Surfboards including a beautiful triple stinger in original condtion from the 60's
Hobie Collection
Dewey Weber Surfboards Weber Performers.  Paisley Nose
Dewey Weber Surfboards
"Weber Performer"

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