Long Island Surffing Museum



The Long Island Surfing Museum is a showcase of Surf Memorabilia that Charlie Bunger has collected over the last 45 years. 

To give you a brief history on Charlie Bunger, he began building surfboards in his garage in Lindenhurst, New York in 1961. The surf scene in New York was just starting to popularize and with the help of a friend, Charlie decided he wanted to try and build a surfboard. It was this decision that turned Charlie and his family into surfers. As the sport continued to grow so did the production of Bunger Surfboards and by the 1964 he was already producing hundreds of boards a year and had a retail store that they were being sold out of. 

Charlie's contributions to the sport of surfing in New York and the East Coast is widely admired, and greatly appreciated by many. In 1996 the Greg Noll East Coast Hall of Fame was started and without question Charlie Bunger was considered an inductee, and along with many other great East Coast Surfing Icons was officially inducted into the East Coast Hall of Fame in January of 1996.

Today, along with his wife Janet, and children, Theresa, Charlie Jr, Tommy, and Susan, Charlie owns one of the oldest surf shops in the country, Bunger Surf Shop. Charlie is no longer building surfboards but he has passed on his knowledge and experience to his son Tommy Bunger, who is continuing the legacy of building top quality Bunger Surfboards. The surf shop is located in Babylon, New York and has been a staple in the Village for more that 40 years. The Long Island Surfing Museum was once housed next to the surf shop but has since been closed down. 

We created this website to share Charlie's collection for all those who are interested in learning some local history about one of the greatest sports around.




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